Who is the deadliest villain?

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Who is the deadliest villain? Top 10 Most Violent Super Villains

  • #8: Bullseye. …
  • #7: Deathstroke. …
  • #6: Sabertooth. …
  • #5: Doomsday. …
  • #4: Bane. …
  • #3: Evil Ernie. …
  • #2: The Joker. …
  • #1: Carnage.

Does it matter what order you play Resident Evil? First off, don’t worry about playing the Resident Evil games in order. It’s a wildly inconsistent series, and it’s not worth enduring the bad games (of which there are many) to get to the good ones. Instead, focus on the gold.

In what order should I watch the CGI Resident Evil movies?

  • You should watch Degeneration first.
  • as it’s the first animated resident evil. Then after you watch Degeneration, watch Damnation second.
  • it’s the second animated resident evil. And last but not least watch resident evil vendetta third.

Who is the hardest boss in Resident Evil? The single toughest boss in the Resident Evil canon is none other than Nemesis, upgraded to near undefeatable status in the newest version of the franchise, RE3. With ultra-aggression, physical superiority, and relentless attack modes, Nemesis is as invincible a foe as the franchise has ever seen.

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Which is the longest Resident Evil game?

It can feel like a mean joke that Resident Evil 6 is the longest Resident Evil game. RE6 is almost universally considered the worst mainline Resident Evil game and represents everything wrong with action-based Resident Evil games. RE6 is split between four different campaigns, which can be played in co-op like RE5.

Which Resident Evil movie is closest to the game?

‘Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City’ (2021). However, the film is a genuine adaptation of the video game series and comes closer to recreating the iconic moments of Capcom’s crown jewel more than any other film ever has.

Is Resident Evil 0 First?

Resident Evil Zero (or Resident Evil 0) is a survival horror game developed and published by Capcom for the GameCube in 2002. It is a prequel to Resident Evil (1996), covering the ordeals experienced in the Arklay Mountains by special police force unit, the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team.

What order should I play Resident Evil remakes?

While you don’t need to play this arc first, we strongly recommend it due to its overall quality and introduction of key concepts and characters.

  • Resident Evil 0 (Optional) – 2002.
  • Resident Evil REmake – 2002.
  • Resident Evil 2 REmake – 2019.
  • Resident Evil 3 REmake – 2020.

Will there be a Resident Evil 9?

It looks like Resident Evil 9 will take Capcom’s iconic and everlasting horror game series in a new direction, as the developer has confirmed that the upcoming Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose DLC will conclude the storyline of the Winters family.

Which Resident Evil made the most money?

Resident Evil: Afterlife. Franchise: Resident Evil

RankReleaseLifetime Gross
1Resident Evil: Afterlife$60,128,566
2Resident Evil: Apocalypse$51,201,453
3Resident Evil: Extinction$50,648,679
4Resident Evil: Retribution$42,345,531

Why is Wesker black?

While the character has historically been depicted as a white male in the games, Reddick became the first person of color to play Wesker. Also because it’s Lance Reddick and he’s amazing, not too many people seemed to be asking questions about the change.

Should I play Claire or Leon’s story first?

According to Capcom’s official stats, Leon is picked for the first playthrough 79% of the time and is often advised for the first playthrough. Overall, the choice of which character to play first comes down to personal opinion. For a more action-filled, thrilling mystery, players should pick Leon first.

Why did Resident Evil stop using zombies?

For one, the game dropped familiar characters, action aspects, multiplayer features, and the blockbuster movie-like cutscenes. They also had to do away with zombies, which were now anything but scary. It was meaningful work done to set new design and concept goals for the next Resident Evil.

Is Resident Evil easier as Jill or Chris?

Resident Evil is also a game that comes ultimately scores based off time. Players who want to get through their playthroughs as fast as possible for a solid rank will more than likely want to play as Chris. Jill has it easier in the grand scheme of things, but a well executed Chris playthrough will always be faster.

Are Resident Evil 1 and 2 connected?

The story takes place a mere 24 hours before the events of the first game. Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 take place in September of the same year as the first game, 1998. These games take place at roughly the same time and explore more of the iconic location.

Who is the oldest Resident Evil character?

Ada is playable in both RE2 and RE4 but doesn’t become a true protagonist until Resident Evil 6. As a result, she’s one of the oldest protagonists in the series history at 39-years-old.

Who is the scariest monster in Resident Evil?

Regenerador/Iron Maiden (Resident Evil 4 – 2005). From the menacing Dr. Salvador and his roaring chainsaw to the eerie Garradores, the game still boasts plenty of scary enemies. That being said, the Regeneradores take the cake as the game’s (and possibly the franchise’s) most disturbing monster.

Who is best girl in Resident Evil?

Resident Evil: 8 Best Female Characters, Ranked

  • 8/8 Marguerite Baker.
  • 7/8 Sheva Alomar.
  • 6/8 Rebecca Chambers.
  • 5/8 Sherry Birkin.
  • 4/8 Lady Dimitrescu.
  • 3/8 Ada Wong.
  • 2/8 Claire Redfield.
  • 1/8 Jill Valentine.

Is Leon more skilled than Chris?

And when it comes to brute strength, Chris by far has the advantage. However, Leon definitely seems to be more skilled in hand to hand to combat, he may not pack as big of a punch as Chris, but he seems like he could out maneuver him fairly easy.

Which Resident Evil is the Netflix series based on?

Resident Evil is an American action horror streaming television series developed by Andrew Dabb for Netflix.

Resident Evil (TV series)

Resident Evil
GenreAction horror Biopunk Zombie apocalypse
Based onResident Evil by Capcom
Developed byAndrew Dabb
StarringElla Balinska Tamara Smart Siena Agudong Adeline Rudolph Paola Núñez Lance Reddick

Is Welcome to Raccoon City based on a game?

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City is a 2021 action horror film written and directed by Johannes Roberts. Adapted from the stories of the first and second games by Capcom, it serves as a reboot of the Resident Evil film series and is the seventh live-action film based on the video game series.

Is Alice just a clone?

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter revealed that Milla Jovovich’s Alice is a clone, but the series gave this reveal away in the previous entry. Alice was an original creation for the Resident Evil movie, with the character having never appeared in any of the games.

Do the Resident Evil movies spoil the games?

Answer : No. I think the closest the movies got to portraying the actual game (scenario) is in the first three movies (Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3). The portrayal of the Mansion, the underground HIVE complex and even Racoon City was impressive enough but the story and the plot did not.

Why is Alice not in the Resident Evil games?

[Confirmed] Alice is a non canon character in RE Games because Paul W.S. anderson only used her in the live action adaption movie, In the game Alice never appears as an interactive character in the Resident Evil Games, with no speaking parts or scenes shared with Chris, leon or ada or any other characters.

Is Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City connected?

Welcome to Raccoon City and the Netflix Resident Evil show were produced by two entirely separate teams, and aren’t connected in any intentional way.

Who is the most popular villain in Resident Evil?

No villain is more synonymous with Resident Evil than Albert Wesker. The former S.T.A.R.S member betrays his team early into the series before going on a journey to wipe out humanity.

Who is the most powerful person in Resident Evil?

Lady Dimitrescu (Resident Evil Village). The most recent Resident Evil game monsters arrived in Resident Evil Village in 2021, and among them was one of the most powerful characters in the franchise. This was Lady Dimitrescu.

Who is the most loved Resident Evil character?

Top 10 Best Resident Evil Characters

  • 1 Leon S. …
  • 2 Jill Valentine Jill Valentine is a fictional character from the Resident Evil series first appearing in the first Resident Evil game in 1996 as one of the two playable characters, she would also go on to star in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. …
  • 3 Chris Redfield. …
  • 4 Albert Wesker.

Which Resident Evil should I play first?

You should definitely start with Resident Evil Remake/Resident Evil Zero since they are the first entries of the saga. And the graphics hold up really well for a Gamecube remaster. Then you can play the rest like RE4, RE5, RE6, RE7. RE7’s story isn’t much connected to the previous games but still part of the series.

How many Resident Evil Collection movies are there?

Experience the exhilarating epic journey of Resident Evil from beginning to end, with all six films on Blu Ray in Resident Evil: The Complete Collection!

How do Resident Evil movies fit with games?

Essentially, Anderson’s films take place in an alternate universe that features many of the characters and locations from the games. This is why the first three movies show places like Raccoon City, the Mansion, and the Hive.

What is considered the best Resident Evil movie?

Tense, imaginative, and beautifully shot in the desert, “Extinction” is the best of the “Resident Evil” film series.

Which Resident Evil is the easiest?

The easiest one would be Resident Evil 6 Easy Difficulty. The only way to get killed is by goofing around. Subjectively, I found Resident Evil 2 Remake Standard Difficulty, blind playthrough to be my Achilles heel.

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