Who did John Cena lose his belt?

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Who did John Cena lose his belt? Nonetheless, Del Rio did not have to wait too long to regain the WWE Championship. He beat both Cena and Punk in the first-ever triple threat Hell in a Cell match at Hell in a Cell 2011 to become a two-time WWE Champion, ending Cena’s 10th WWE Championship reign in the process.

How many US titles has Cena won? Overall, there have been 101 different champions. Ric Flair holds the record for having the most reigns at six, while John Cena holds the record for most reigns under the WWE banner at five. Chris Benoit is also tied with John Cena with five, two from WCW and three from WWE.

Who won the WWE Title at Survivor Series 2008? At the pay-per-view, Hardy defeated Edge and Triple H to win his first WWE Championship. The situation with Jeff Hardy was tied into the lead up to his match at WrestleMania 25 against his brother Matt Hardy, who claimed responsibility for attacking him.

Which is bigger WWE Champion or Universal Champion? right now the universal champion (roman reigns) is a bigger deal than the wwe champion (Bobby lashley) but the wwe championship has all the history and prestige. The Universal championship is relatively new.

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Who has the shortest title reign in WWE history?

#1. Andre the Giant – WWE The Main Event (TV special) – 1988 (1:48) It cannot be overstated just how awesome WWE Hall of Famer Andre the Giant was.

Who is WWE Champion now?

Both titles are held by Roman Reigns, who is recognized as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. In his fourth reign as WWE Champion, he won the title by defeating Brock Lesnar on Ap, on Night 2 of WrestleMania 38 in a Winner Takes All match to claim both championships.

How many time champion is Roman Reigns?

Reigns is a six-time world champion in WWE, having held the WWE Championship four times and the WWE Universal Championship twice. In 2022, he became the longest reigning Universal Champion at 745+ days, which is recognized as the sixth-longest world championship reign in the promotion’s history.

When did John Cena win his 15th world title?

10 WWE Championship – 2014 (15th Reign). At Money in the Bank 2014, Cena won the vacant title in the Money in the Bank ladder match.

Who was the youngest WWE champion?

Randy Orton rolled off Chris Benoit with his mouth agape from shock. Referee Earl Hebner handed him the World Heavyweight Championship and he held it to his face, overcome with emotion. On A, Orton became the youngest person ever to hold that title.

Who beat Cena for US title?

Del Rio defeated Cena within just 7 minutes, due to Cena needing to take a break from in-ring action. Choosing Del Rio, whose first run in WWE had been severely underwhelming and lackluster, despite multiple world title reigns, felt like the wrong option.

Who is the No 1 legend in WWE?

Shawn Michaels- The Heartbreak Kid has been around for many years now, and has seen and done it all in the WWE. He has won four World Titles, four Tag Titles, and three Intercontinental Titles.

Who is the No 1 player in WWE?

The Rock is considered the best professional wrestler in the world. Born in 1972, Dwayne Johnson started his wrestling career in the year 1996. The Rock has won the WWE title 8 times, and his real name is Dwayne Johnson.

Who has the best win ratio in WWE?

Gunther has the best win percentage in WWE at the moment. The Ring general has a win percentage of 85.35 at the moment. Veer Mahaan comes in second on the list and has an impressive win percentage of 82.45%. It is still early days for the Indian superstar but he could take the top spot if he can carry the momentum.

Who has least losses in WWE?

11 Wrestlers Who Almost Never Lost Cleanly

  • 1 Triple H. Just like his best friend Shawn Michaels, Triple H was also a huge WWE superstar.
  • 2 Shawn Michaels. In the mid-90s, Shawn Michaels became a huge superstar. …
  • 3 John Cena. …
  • 4 Brock Lesnar. …
  • 5 The Rock. …
  • 6 Steve Austin. …
  • 7 Andre The Giant. …
  • 8 The Ultimate Warrior. …

Who has the longest wrestling career?

Making his debut on 20 November 1990 as part of the Survivor Series, Mark Calaway (aka “The Undertaker”, USA) has had the longest ongoing tenure with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) of any active wrestler: 27 years 139 days as of 8 April 2018.

Is Roman Reigns one of the greatest of all time?

Universal Champion Roman Reigns is placing himself atop the list of the all-time greats. The 36-year-old Reigns is on a historic run for the ages. Not only is he the longest-reigning Universal Champion in history, but The Tribal Chief hasn’t been pinned in more than two years.

Who held WWE belt the longest?

The 5 Longest WWE Championship Reigns of All Time

  • Bruno Sammartino (2,803 days)
  • Bob Backlund (2,135 days) …
  • Hulk Hogan (1,474 days) …
  • Bruno Sammartino (1,237 days) …
  • Pedro Morales (1,027 days) Coming in at No. …

Who was the first black WWE Champion?

The Rock (10-Time WWE World Champion). It makes sense that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson became WWE’s first ever Black world champion, as his father Rocky Johnson was one half of WWE’s first Black tag team champions in the 1980s.

Who was the first US champion in WWE?

The inaugural champion was Harley Race. There have been 101 different champions, with Ric Flair having the most reigns at six. The longest-reigning champion is Lex Luger, who held the title for 523 days from , to Octo.

Who is the youngest United States champion?

Not only are Dustin Rhodes and David Flair the two youngest United States Champions ever, but they are also the only two Second Generational United States Champions in history.

Who is 16th WWE Champion?

One of the most decorated Superstars in WWE history, John Cena is a 16-time World Champion, tying the record set by two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair.

Did John Cena or Roman Reigns win?

The win over John Cena remains one of the biggest victories of Roman Reigns’ career so far and is also one of the best title defenses from his current reign as Universal Champion. After the loss to Roman Reigns at SummerSlam, John Cena decided to leave WWE once again.

Who won at Backlash 2009?

The main matches saw Edge defeating World Heavyweight Champion John Cena in a Last Man Standing match to win the title and Randy Orton won the WWE Championship in a Six-Man Tag Team match pitting defending champion Triple H, Batista and Shane McMahon against The Legacy (Orton, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase); Orton pinned …

Who won the WWE Title at Breaking Point 2009?

MONTREAL – In the biggest test of their cohesive greatness to date, Unified Tag Team Champions Big Show & Chris Jericho continued to establish their tag team dominance with a knockout victory over the no-nonsense combination of Mark Henry & MVP at WWE Breaking Point.

Who won the WWE Title at Bragging Rights 2009?

The show also contained two televised world championship matches. In the main event, John Cena defeated Randy Orton in an Anything Goes Iron Man match to win the WWE Championship.

Who is most time WWE Champion?

The longest reigning champion is Bruno Sammartino, who held the title from , to Janu, for a total of 2,803 days (7 years, 8 months, and 1 day); Sammartino also holds the record for longest combined reign at 4,040 days.

What was John Cena’s longest title reign?

#4 John Cena held the WWE Championship for 380 days. John Cena has won the WWE Championship a record 16 times, with his last win coming in 2017. However, his greatest reign as champion came 15 years back in 2006.

How many belts does John Cena have?

In comparison, Cena’s 16 championship reigns total 1411 days. While that time is certainly impressive, it still pales in comparison to Flair’s mark. Cena has held the WWE Championship 13 times while holding the World Heavyweight Championship three times.

Who did John Cena lose the belt?

9 Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio lost the WWE Championship to John Cena at Night of Champions 2011 which was bitterly disappointing for him considering he had just cashed in his Money in the Bank contract at SummerSlam to dethrone CM Punk.

Who is the best WWE wrestler?

1. Steve Austin. Steve Austin, also known as cold stone, is considered the best professional wrestler ever.

Who has the most losses in WWE history?

Cody Rhodes (883 losses): Cody Rhodes was never one of the top WWE superstars like he is today with another company. He was also like Miz, while being accomplished, he also put over many talents during his time in WWE. He had a total of 1451 matches and he lost 883 matches.

When did John Cena win his 16th world title?

15 WWE Championship – 2017 (16th Reign). Big Match John had a blockbuster trilogy with AJ Styles and the two locked horns once more at the 2017 Royal Rumble with Styles’ WWE Championship at stake. Unquestionably, this is ranked among Cena’s best matches in his stellar WWE career.

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