Where is Your Morning filmed?

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Where is Your Morning filmed? The program is hosted by Anne-Marie Mediwake, along with contributors Lindsey Deluce (news anchor), and Kelsey McEwen (weather) from CTV’s street-front studios at Bell Media Queen Street in Downtown Toronto.

Who is the weather girl on Today Show? Early Life of the Meteorologist. Dylan was born as Dylan Marie Dreyer on the 2nd of August, 1981, in Manalapan Township, New Jersey. By nationality, she is an American and has American ethnicity.

Where did Shannon Bradbury go? Shannon joined CTV Kitchener as a reporter in 2019, soon becoming the weekend, and then weekday weather anchor. “It has been wonderful,” she said, thanking her colleagues, along with all the viewers “that have reached out or said hello or sent a kind message.”

Did Kelsey McEwen have her third baby? Kelsey McEwen is getting real about being a new mom for the third time. The Canadian CTV “Your Morning” meteorologist shared an emotional message to social media, admitting that she has been feeling “lost” since welcoming her third child, Charlotte, in May.

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Where is Sonya on Your Morning?

She’s now based in Toronto working nationally on Etalk and Your Morning. She recently posted an update on Instagram that has been seen over 10,000 times and has made major waves in not only the South Asian community but also in the media and public at large. She’s taking back her name as it was meant to be said.

Who is Siobhan Morris?

Siobhan Morris joined CTV Toronto as a video journalist in 2022. Her career began as a reporter and anchor at 610 CKTB in St. Catharines. In 2012, she moved to Toronto’s NEWSTALK 1010.

What happened to the weather girl on Today Show?

Dylan Dreyer, who has served as weather anchor on NBC’s Weekend Today for over 9 years, is exiting the morning news program to focus on her family.

Where does Dana Levenson live?

Toronto Storeys went behind the scenes and shared the first part of Levenson’s and Green’s journey with you, back when they were creating a space large enough to accommodate their modern family. And today, that space has become their home.

Who is leaving CTV News Toronto?

Lisa LaFlamme is leaving CTV News. The network announced today that the Chief Anchor and Senior Editor is departing after more than 30 years with the company.

Did a CTV anchor quit on air?

She spent 27 years on the air. But Carol Anne Meehan was laid off from her anchor position at CTV without a chance to say goodbye.

Where is Janice Golding?

Janice Golding is a videojournalist at CTV News Toronto, delivering breaking news coverage from across the city. She also serves as a fill-in anchor for the station’s daily newscasts.

Who was fired from CTV?

The firing of Canadian news anchor Lisa LaFlamme from CTV News has sparked controversy online and companies to make statements on aging. LaFlamme, who was chief news anchor and senior editor for the station, was let go after 35 years at CTV, according to an Aug. 15 release.

Is Michelle Dubé still working at CTV?

Michelle Dubé has been the Co-Anchor of CTV News Toronto since 2012, helming Toronto’s most-watched local newscasts: CTV News at Noon and CTV News at Six. Dubé joined the CTV Toronto team in 2009 as a reporter and fill-in anchor. Since then, her stories have appeared on both local and national newscasts.

What happened to Saron fanel?

The news is out! After nearly 2 years reporting, anchoring, weather’ing & producing for CTV Saskatoon, I’m excited to announce I’ll be heading back to the Capital to join the fantastic team at CTV Ottawa.

Who is Beth Macdonell?

Beth Macdonell joined CTV News Toronto as a videojournalist in November 2019. After covering news in Eastern and Western Canada, she returned to her hometown to tell stories.

What happened to the weather girl on CTV Vancouver?

March 2022 update: Luisa Alvarez is no longer with CTV News Vancouver. Luisa Alvarez is a traffic and segment host on CTV Morning Live. Luisa was born in Bogotá, Colombia and is trilingual, speaking English, Spanish and French. She grew up in Burnaby, B.C. but moved to Madrid, Spain after high school.

Is Anne-Marie Mediwake still on your morning?

Who doesn’t love hearing good news? CTV Your Morning’s Anne-Marie Mediwake stopped by The Marilyn Denis Show with a round-up of feel-good news stories from across the country that is guaranteed to bring you joy.

Where did somara Theodore go?

Somara Theodore is a Meteorologist with StormTeam 4. Her forecasts can be seen during the weekend editions of News4, on and on 103.5 WTOP Radio. She joined News4 in 2016.

Is Lyndsay Morrison returning to CTV?

It’s been a wonderful maternity leave, but I’m excited to share that I’ll be back on CTV Toronto Labour Day Monday. Wishing you all a happy long weekend!

What is Dana Levenson doing now?

DANA IS A SPEAKER & MODERATOR. Between hosting two weekly shows on CTV, Ask A Lawyer, and Things To Know T.O., and hosting & executive producing her own podcast On The DL, Dana also makes time for speaking & moderation engagements.

Who is Michelle Jobin?

Host | Spokesperson | Producer. Michelle Jobin is a television personality and spokesperson with almost two decades of experience in broadcast and online media. Whether she’s acting as a red carpet correspondent, fitness expert, brand spokesperson or weather specialist, Michelle has a gift for skillful storytelling.

Is Colin D’Mello still with CTV News?

Colin D’Mello is no longer with CTV News. Colin D’Mello is a videojournalist at CTV News Toronto, serving as the station’s Queen’s Park Bureau Chief, covering provincial politics for all local CTV News stations in Ontario.

Where is Andrea Case from?

and also a writer and reporter for CFPL-TV in London, Ont. Case was born in England to Jamaican parents, and spent her early years there before moving to Canada.

Is Natalie Johnson still with CTV?

Natalie Johnson is a videojournalist with CTV News Toronto, covering municipal politics and affairs as the station’s City Hall reporter. Johnson has been covering breaking news and feature stories for CTV News Toronto since 2010, specializing in municipal issues like transit, housing, real estate, and child care.

Is Sonia leaving CTV this morning?

She ended the show with this powerful message about her journey these past couple years and what she’s learned along the way. You’re one of a kind, Sonia.

What nationality is Janice Golding?

Janice Golding on Twitter: “My mother came from Korea. My dad’s background is English – Irish – Welsh. And I’m 100 % Canadian.

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