What makes a good kick returner?

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What makes a good kick returner? Keep your elbows in and hands up in front of your chest to create a tight pocket for the ball to land. Trap the ball with your arms and hands against your breast plate. Follow the ball with your eyes all the way into your body. As soon as the ball is secured, get your eyes up to locate the defense and your blockers.

Who is going to the NFL Hall of Fame this year? The list includes six players: offensive tackle Tony Boselli, wide receiver Cliff Branch, safety LeRoy Butler, linebacker Sam Mills and defensive linemen Richard Seymour and Bryant Young.

Who are the 2022 Hall of Fame inductees? The Class of 2022 consists of Tony Boselli, Cliff Branch, LeRoy Butler, Sam Mills, Richard Seymour, Bryant Young, Dick Vermeil and Art McNally.

Who is eligible for 2023 Hall of Fame? Joe Thomas, Darrelle Revis, Dwight Freeney lead first-year eligible 2023 Pro Football Hall of Fame nominees.5 days ago

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Who is the Chicago Bears kick returner?

Devin Hester is the Chicago Bears career leader in kickoff return yards with 5,504. Players active with the Chicago Bears during the 2022 NFL season are listed in bold.

How many punt returns does Dante Hall have?

Ranked by Punt Return Touchdowns. Dante Hall is the Kansas City Chiefs career leader in punt return touchdowns with 5. Players active with the Kansas City Chiefs during the 2022 NFL season are listed in bold.

How many kick returners are in the Hall of Fame?

There are zero pure return men in the Hall, zero punters and only one pure placekicker. Special teams are vastly underrepresented.

Does Devin Hester still play football?

After leaving Chicago in 2014, Hester played in 21 games over two seasons with the Atlanta Falcons and finished his career with a short stint with the Seattle Seahawks in 2016.

How old was Devin Hester when he was drafted?

Getty Bears legend Devin Hester was 24 years old when he was drafted in 2006. Former Chicago Bears return specialist Devin Hester holds multiple NFL records, including most punt return touchdowns in a single season (4), most combined return touchdowns (20) and most total punt return touchdowns (14).

Does Devin Hester have a son?

NFL WR Devin Hester captures a proud dad moment when his son, Devin Hester Jr., makes a highlight-reel run and jukes defenders in a game of flag football.

How long was Devin Hester in the NFL?

Devin Hester has returned his final kickoff in the NFL. Hester, who has not played this season, announced his retirement on his Twitter page Tuesday following 11 years in the league.

Will Devin Hester become Hall of Famer?

Despite being chosen as one of 15 finalists, Chicago Bears record-breaking return specialist Devin Hester was not chosen as part of the 2022 class and will have to wait at least another year to be enshrined in the HOF.

Who has the most return touchdowns in NFL history?

Devin Hester is officially the greatest returner in NFL history. With kick-return royalty in Billy “White Shoes” Johnson and Hall of Famer Deion Sanders watching from the Georgia Dome sidelines, Hester exploded for a 62-yard punt-return touchdown to give him 20 return touchdowns for his career.

Who has the most kick return touchdowns?

The NFL’s All-Time Kick and Punt Return Touchdown Leaders

  • Devin Hester | 20 TDs. Scott Cunningham/Getty Images. …
  • Brian Mitchell | 14 TDs. Damian Strohmeyer/SI. …
  • Dante Hall | 13 TDs. John Biever/SI. …
  • Eric Metcalf | 13 TDs. John Biever/SI. …
  • Josh Cribbs | 11 TDs. …
  • Desmond Howard | 10 TDs. …
  • Deion Sanders | 9 TDs. …
  • Ollie Matson | 9 TDs.

Will Devin Hester make the Hall of Fame?

Despite being chosen as one of 15 finalists, Chicago Bears record-breaking return specialist Devin Hester was not chosen as part of the 2022 class and will have to wait at least another year to be enshrined in the HOF.

How many of the 85 Bears are in the Hall of Fame?

The 1985 Bears roster included four future Hall of Fame players – Richard Dent, Dan Hampton, Walter Payton, Mike Singletary – and were coached by Hall of Fame tight end Mike Ditka. The Pro Football Hall of Fame has become home to many great movie and television show premieres.

What does Devin Hester do now?

Outside of this event, in the fall, Hester is the head coach of Dray’s main team in the Florida Elite league. But today, with Team Spectacular, he’s a volunteer assistant.

Was Devin Hester a good receiver?

Hester is a great athlete, but he is not a great receiver. He just hasn’t had enough practice to be polished in running routes and reading coverage. By having him in on offense for the majority of the snaps, he gets too tired to make the cuts that made him untouchable in the return game.

Who is the fastest NFL player ever?

Fastest 40-Yard Dash Times at NFL Combine. Five years after running a 4.22 40-yard dash in Indianapolis, John Ross still holds the top spot for all-time players.

Who had a 100 speed on Madden?

See how Hester’s reputation came to a head with a 100 SPD rating in Madden NFL 08, making him the fastest player in the game.

Who is the fastest football player ever?

Real Madrid speedster Gareth Bale has record the fastest sprint in football ever clocking 39.9 km / h against Villareal in 2013.

What is a receiving triple crown?

In the National Football League (NFL) a receiver is said to have won the triple crown if they lead the league in receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns within a particular season. Finishing joint first in any or all of those three categories is also considered sufficient.

What team does Devin Hester son play for?

Chicago Bears legend Devin Hester’s son Drayton may be the most exciting youth football player you’ll ever see. The eight-year-old has gone viral multiple times already for looking eerily like his father, and now, Hester shared several videos on Instagram of young Dray breaking oodles of ankles on eye-popping runs.

How much money did Terrell Owens make?

Career Earnings. During his NFL career Terrell earned a bit under $67 million in salary alone. He earned approximately $13 million on top of that from endorsements for total career earnings of $80 million. Unfortunately he has struggled financially since leaving the NFL, as we detail later in this article.

How much did Brandon Marshall make?

In his 13 seasons in the NFL, Brandon Marshall earned $80,555,471, according to Spotrac. In 2014, he was ranked No.

Who is the best kick returner?

The NFL’s top seven kick returners

  • Tyreek Hill, Kansas City Chiefs. …
  • Jalen Richard, Oakland Raiders. …
  • Brandon Tate, Buffalo Bills. …
  • Jakeem Grant, Miami Dolphins. …
  • Quan Bray, Indianapolis Colts. …
  • Tyler Lockett, Seattle Seahawks. …
  • Marcus Sherels, Minnesota Vikings.

Who is the best kick returner ever?

Brian Mitchell. In his 607 returns he scored four touchdowns. He also has nine punt returns for TDs. Mitchell is tied for the NFL record for kick and punt returns for touchdowns with 13.

How was Devin Hester so good?

What made Hester so great was his ability to get the football and just run. He is at his best when he relies on his instincts. Putting a playbook and new responsibilities on his shoulders was too much for a man who was too proud to tell people he couldn’t handle it.

What was Devin Hester’s longest return?

As a rookie with the Chicago Bears in 2006 Devin Hester tied an NFL record for longest return, a mark that has since been eclipsed. He scooped up the football on a missed field goal attempt and raced 108 yards for a Bears touchdown on N.

How many return TDS does Hester have?

Dubbed “The Windy City Flyer,” Hester flew into the record books. He holds a number of NFL records, including most combined special teams return touchdowns (20), most punt return touchdowns (14), most punt return touchdowns in a season (4), and fastest touchdown in Super Bowl history (14 seconds).

What is the Devin Hester rule?

The “Hester Rule”. When you think of Devin Hester, the first thing that might come up is returning a kick for a touchdown, and it makes sense that that’s the first thing that comes to mind. In actuality, Hester’s ability to turn a vast majority of innocent kickoffs into six points the other way changed the game forever.

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