What is staggered entry?

What is staggered entry? in survival analysis, a research design that allows for the entry or exit of participants at any time throughout the course of the study. In a typical survival analysis design, all samples have a common origin—they start at the same time—and there is a single, terminal event (typically, death).

How do you use staggering in a sentence? How to use Staggering in a sentence

  • Thereafter Napoleon was blindly staggering to his fall. …
  • Darian shouted, staggering beneath the weight of his magic. …
  • Pierre leaped up from the sofa and rushed staggering toward her. …
  • Staggering amid the crush, Pierre looked about him.

How do you use staggered in a sentence? How to use staggered in a sentence. He staggered along with much difficulty and managed to complete half of it by Christmas. The drunken Man staggered to his feet, and hiccupped vehemently in the face of the assembled Gods.

What is staggering effect? vb. 1 usually intr to walk or cause to walk unsteadily as if about to fall. 2 tr to astound or overwhelm, as with shock.

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What is staggered start time?

Staggered time is an arrangement where employees can vary their start and end times to suit their work and personal commitments. These flexible bands should at least contain a 2-hour window (e.g. 7am to 10am start time and 4pm to 7pm end time).

What does staggered mean synonym?

as in overwhelmed, stunned. Synonyms & Near Synonyms for staggered. overwhelmed, stunned, stupefied.

What is staggering beauty?

staggeringbeauty.com is a interactive website where if you move your mouse around the screen vigorously, it will start to flash random colors making this website not good for someone with epilepsy. Advertisement.

What is a staggered order?

Each retailer places an order every N periods according to a base-stock policy, and the reorder intervals of the retailers are staggered so that only one retailer places an order in each period.

What is an example of staggered?

If you stagger, you walk very unsteadily, for example because you are ill or drunk. He lost his balance, staggered back against the rail and toppled over. [ VERB adverb/preposition] He was staggering and had to lean on the bar. [ VERB]

What is staggered rate?

Once a price (or wage) is set, it remains fixed for Np (or Nw) periods. We denote by N the duration of price or wage contracts. Under staggered price contracts, all firms are divided into Np=N cohorts based on the timing of their pricing decisions while households synchronize their wage decisions (i.e., Nw=1).

What type of word is staggering?

As detailed above, ‘staggering’ can be an adjective or a verb. Adjective usage: The army suffered a staggering defeat.

Why staggered is more stable?

In eclipsed form, the H− atom are very close and so the increased overlap between them non-bonded orbitals is repulsive. That is why the staggered form is more stable than an eclipsed form.

Which event uses a staggered start?

200 meters. This race consists of half a lap of the track, starting on the end of the backstretch. Runners must stay in their assigned lane. As a result, the race uses a staggered start—runners in the outside lanes start farther up the track—to account for the varying distances around the track from each lane.

What is stagger limit?

The stagger limit is a percentage of the maximum health which generally makes stronger creatures harder to stagger. Players with health based food will have an increased stagger limit which also means that the staggering expires faster.

What is the difference between staggered and offset?

Staggered wheels are also known as offset wheels. It’s when one axle has different sized wheels than the other axle. Don’t confuse this with the wheel offset itself though! That relates to the offset of the individual wheel.

How do you test a stagger?

The definition of tire stagger: It is the difference in circumference between the right side tires and left side tires on the same end of the car. For example, if your right rear tire is 86-1/2” in circumference and your left rear tire is 84”, then you have 2-1/2” of stagger.

Is staggered better?

But even if you aren’t looking for maximum drag strip performance, staggered wheels and tires will likely be better for a daily driver. That’s because cars with wider front tires will likely be more “twitchy” on the road and more prone to tramlining on imperfect surfaces.

What is a positive stagger?

An aircraft is said to have positive stagger, or simply stagger, when the upper wing is positioned forward of the lower (bottom) wing, Examples include the de Havilland Tiger Moth or Stearman.

What is the opposite of staggered?

What is the opposite of staggered?


Is a staggered set up better?

As mentioned earlier, staggered tire setups on performance vehicles can help to achieve a desired handling balance, but that balance isn’t necessarily all about outright grip and performance. Staggered tire setups can also encourage a level of handling safety and security.

What is staggered and non staggered?

A staggered fitment is also referred to as a staggered application. Basically, it means that the wheels on the back of the vehicle are a different size than those on the front. Wider wheels are usually run on the back, for example a 19×8 on the front and 19×9.

Is staggering positive or negative?

Staggering means something that’s of a higher magnitude. It could mean both “Positive and Negative. E.g. The Architect demanded a staggering (Huge Sum) amount as initial payment.

What is staggered lunch?

to arrange events so that they do not happen at the same time: We stagger our lunch breaks at work.

What is the opposite of staggering?

What is the opposite of staggering?


How do staggered starts work?

In many track races, competitors will not line up at one even starting mark. Instead, runners start in their own lane at different positions on the track. This creates a staggered appearance for the runners when viewed from overhead.

What does staggered mean in Business?

A stagger system involves dividing a company’s board of directors into classes and electing them in turns, instead of holding a single election. Staggered board make hostile takeovers extremely difficult because bidders have to win more than one proxy fight over a period of time to take control.

What are staggered days?

a system of working in which the employees of an organization do not all arrive and leave at the same time, but have large periods of overlap.

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