What happens if you fail a drug test in the NBA?

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What happens if you fail a drug test in the NBA? According to the New York Times, NBA players have been required to submit to four random drug tests per season. If a player tested positive for marijuana once, he was required to enter the NBA’s drug program. Twice, he would be fined $25,000 and a third time would result in a five-game suspension.

How many times did Dennis Rodman get suspended? The league thought he did just that on Monday. Rodman now has been suspended 11 times during his 11-year career, including a six-game suspension he served last season for head-butting a referee.

What can NBA players not do? For example, the standard NBA contract specifically prohibits boxing, professional wrestling, motorcycling, moped-riding, auto-racing, sky-diving and hang-gliding.

Who changed their name to World Be Free? Cassius Clay famously changed his name to Muhammad Ali, and then became one of the greatest boxers of all time. And it may be that Metta World Peace was inspired by another NBA player, Lloyd Free, who was a star in the 1980s, before and after he changed his name to World B. Free.

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Does Ron Artest have a ring?

Ron Artest spent 10 seasons with five different NBA teams working for a championship ring, an opulent symbol of the league’s top accomplishment. And just four months after the Laker forward received the diamond-encrusted piece of hardware during an on-court ceremony in late October, he gave it away.

What does Metta stand for?

Definition – What does Metta mean? Metta is a term that refers to one of the 10 perfections of Buddhism and is the first of the four Buddhist virtues, or “immeasurables.” It can be translated as “benevolence,” “loving,” “friendship” or “kindness.”

Did Metta World Peace quit Big Brother?

Years from now, scholars will look back in awe at Metta World Peace’s time in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Sure, he came up short of his goal. He was evicted on Monday, six nights shy of the finale. His downfall wasn’t brought on by of a lack of strategy or a few costly mistakes, however.

What is world peace worth?

Ron Artest is an American professional basketball player. Artest is also known as “Metta World Peace.” Artest was born in Queens, New York. He was the 16th pick in the first round of the 1999 NBA draft, selected by the Chicago Bulls.

Net Worth:$30 Million
Last Updated:August 2, 2022

Who owns the NBA league?

Because there isn’t a single owner of the NBA, you might be a little confused as to how it’s structured. The NBA has one head which is the commissioner. The current commissioner is Adam Silver. He gets chosen to be the commissioner by the Board of Governors.

Who Sold Lakers to Buss?

The series premiere centers on two stories: Buss purchasing the Los Angeles Lakers from Jack Kent Cooke and Buss wooing Magic Johnson to the team from college.

What team does Magic Johnson own?

He is also part of a group of investors that purchased the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2012 and the Los Angeles Sparks in 2014. During Johnson’s ownership of both teams, the Sparks won the 2016 WNBA championship, and the Dodgers won the 2020 World Series.

How long was Stephen Jackson suspended for?

Artest and Jackson were Pacers teammates in November 2004 when they were involved in a brawl with fans during a game against the Pistons. Artest was suspended for 73 games and the playoffs — the longest suspension in league history — and Jackson was barred for 30 games.

Was it an unanimous vote that Artest would be suspended for the whole season?

Can you discuss how the decision came about to suspend Ron Artest for the entire season. Was that unanimous? And can you discuss why? Commissioner Stern: It was unanimous: 1-0.

What happened to the guy that threw the beer at the Palace?

On Ma, a jury found Green guilty on one count of assault and battery for punching Artest in the stands, but acquitted him of an assault charge for throwing the cup. On , Green was sentenced to 30 days in jail and two years’ probation.

How much did Ron Artest get fined for that fight?

Then NBA Commissioner David Stern meted out hefty fines the next day for the players involved. Ten NBA players were fined a total of over $11.5 million in withheld wages, with Ron Artest suffering the biggest blow: a $5 million fine on top of a full season suspension.

Who has the longest suspension in the NBA?

Hedo Turkoglu (20 Games). He claimed that he failed to check it against the list of substances banned by the NBA. After his suspension, Turkoglu went on to play two seasons with the Los Angeles Clippers before retiring.

Who had the longest suspension in NBA history?

Among those suspended, Metta Sandiford-Artest (then Ron Artest) and Latrell Sprewell faced the most serious punishments for on-court altercations; they were suspended 86 and 68 games, respectively.

How many games was Ron Artest suspended for elbowing James Harden?

The NBA announced on Tuesday that Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace — the artist formerly known as Ron Artest — has been suspended for seven games after his vicious elbow to the head of James Harden during a Sunday game at Staples Center left the Oklahoma City Thunder guard with a concussion.

Who gave James Harden a concussion?

Bear with us. World Peace, who was formally known as Ron Artest, elbowed Harden in the head, who laid on the court for a while before leaving with a concussion. World Peace was ejected from the game and was subsequently suspended for seven games heading into that season’s playoffs.

What is Metta World Peace real name?

(born Ronald William Artest. Changed to Metta World Peace (2011), subsequently to The Panda’s Friend (~2014). Changed to Metta Sandiford-Artest in 2020.)

What is Metta World Peace new name?

However, Metta World Peace changed his name again in 2020 — to Metta Sandiford-Artest. This change reflected a last name that represented both his old one and his wife’s (Maya Sandiford) last name.

Why did Metta World Peace change his name?

“I changed my name because I got tired of Ron Artest,” he told The Los Angeles Times’ Bill Plaschke at the time. “And when fans get mad at me, they can’t say, ‘I hate World Peace. ‘” However, Metta World Peace changed his name again in 2020 — to Metta Sandiford-Artest.

What teams did Metta World Peace play for?


  • 3.1 Chicago Bulls (1999–2002)
  • 3.2 Indiana Pacers (2002–2006) 3.2.1 The Malice at the Palace. …
  • 3.3 Sacramento Kings (2006–2008)
  • 3.4 Houston Rockets (2008–2009)
  • 3.5 Los Angeles Lakers (2009–2013) …
  • 3.6 New York Knicks (2013–2014)
  • 3.7 Sichuan Blue Whales (2014)
  • 3.8 Pallacanestro Cantù (2015)

What were the punishments for the Malice at the Palace?

Ron Artest would be suspended for the remainder of the NBA season, which ended up being a total of 86 games including the playoffs. Stephen Jackson, Jermaine O’Neal, Ben Wallace and Anthony Johnson would all receive lengthy suspensions, ranging from 5-30 games. In total, players lost a cumulative $11 million in salary.

How many times has Ron Artest been suspended?

According to the New York Times, Artest was suspended on six different occasions, for a total of 12 games that year. One of those incidents involved Artest throwing a television monitor — an act of rage that cost him a three-game suspension and a $35,000 fine.

What year did Ron Artest elbow Harden?

Why a hefty suspension should follow. At center, Metta World Peace, formerly Ron Artest, of the Los Angeles Lakers is ejected for elbowing James Harden of the Oklahoma City Thunder at Staples Center on Ap in Los Angeles, California.

Did Metta World Peace play with Kobe?

World Peace, though, played with Kobe Bryant on the Lakers from 2009-10 through 2012-13 and again in 2015-16. And he said the 18-time All-Star was a different story. “Kobe was probably one of the only guys that I’ve seen work as hard as me,” he said to Sharpe.

Why did Metta World Peace get suspended?

Case in point: Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace. World Peace was suspended for the Lakers’ Feb. 5 game with the Brooklyn Nets, after the player formerly known as Ron Artest got into an altercation with Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Knight in the Lakers’ 98-97 win on Feb. 2.

When did Metta World Peace hit James Harden?

There are few more violent fouls in the history of the NBA than that of Metta World Peace’s infamous elbow on the side of James Harden’s head during the 2012 NBA Playoffs.

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