What does NCC stand for in Star Trek?

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What does NCC stand for in Star Trek? According to both “The Making of Star Trek”, and the second seaon writers guide update, NCC officially stands for “Navy-Curtis Craft”, referring to the fact that the design and construction of the cruisers was a combination of the Navy’s and Curtis Industries inputs.

Why would it take Voyager 75 years to get home? To prevent a Kazon aggression against a helpless world, Voyager destroys the space probe. Without the probe, it will take 75 years for Voyager to travel back to Federation space. With the differences between them rendered meaningless by time and distance, The Federation and Maquis crews unite aboard Voyager.

Why did the Borg only send one cube? While the Borg usually sends one cube to assimilate worlds, they sometimes meet more powerful races that require more than one cube to accomplish their goal of assimilation. Keep going to discover which race is more powerful than the Borg.

Can Borg assimilate Q? Could “Q” or a “Founder” be assimilated by the Borg? Q: no. Changelings (founders): not really, since borg nanoprobes and technology probably aren’t compatible with non-solid species.

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What do the Colour shirts in Star Trek mean?

The colors include white for command; gold for engineering; gray for science, communications and navigation; dark green for security; light green for medical; dark blue for operations; light blue for special services; and red for low-grade officers and officer cadets.

Why does Janeway wear red?

Kathryn Janeway is another good example – she wears red because of her role as Captain, yet the majority of her experience is that of a physicist and scientist. In fact, prior to becoming XO of the USS Billings, she was the ship’s Science Officer.

Why did Janeway change her hair?

Captain Janeway’s ever-changing hairstyles on Star Trek: Voyager were a direct result of the producers’ anxiety about the first female captain.

Why did Wesley Crusher leave the show?

Writing on his old 2000s blog, Wheaton explained the trigger for his departure wasn’t so much fan backlash, but poor treatment behind the scenes, revealing, “I left Star Trek because it was seriously interfering with my career in feature films.”

Is Deanna Troi deaf?

After going deaf in both ears from Ménière’s Disease at age twenty-two, I felt lost and alone. That is, until I saw the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode entitled “The Loss” for the first time.

Why does Picard wear a jacket?

Captain’s variant. The captain’s uniform was designed by Robert Blackman to make Captain Picard stand out from the rest of his crew, at the suggestion of actor Patrick Stewart. [1] The creation of the jacket was prompted by Stewart raising complaints about how uncomfortable the standard duty uniforms were.

When would you wear a body suit?

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Do bodysuits make you look thin?

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What is the point of a bodysuit?

The purpose of a bodysuit is to provide support and a seamless tucked-in so that you can style with comfort and ease. Bodysuits can be skin-tight or relaxed, and due to its tension from shoulders to crotch, they can hug your curves as the perfect foundation, and on top so you can pair with any bottoms you want.

Is Jurati gone?

Agnes Jurati’s story has come to an end as Alison Pill shared with MovieWeb this week that she didn’t participate in filming on Star Trek: Picard’s third and final season. Speaking about the upcoming final year of Picard, Pill said: “I know that season three will be the end.

How long was seven a Borg?

But for 18 years, Seven of Nine lives as a Borg, humming with the connectivity and unity of the hive mind while she enacts the same violence done to her onto others who are assimilated. It’s something she has to grapple with throughout Voyager, but before she gets to that point, she has to face her own de-assimilation.

Why are Star Trek uniforms uncomfortable?

2. The Uniforms Were Too Small – Roddenberry specifically wanted the costumes to be form-fitting, so they were intentionally made two sizes too small. Not only was this uncomfortable, but it was very unflattering. The cast couldn’t have any weight gain or it would show immediately.

Who does Captain Janeway end up with?

In the non-canon Trek novels, Chakotay promptly ends his relationship with Seven shortly after returning to the Alpha Quadrant and he takes command of Voyager after Janeway is promoted to Admiral. Chakotay and Janeway do consummate their relationship, but just before Janeway’s untimely death.

Was Roxann pregnant during Voyager?

Dawson was pregnant during the 4th season of Voyager. She wore a lab coat to hide her pregnancy for most of the season, but in VOY: “The Killing Game” and “The Killing Game, Part II”, she was shown on the holodeck to be pregnant, though Seven of Nine confirmed that it was a holographic baby.

How did Voyager get lost?

While in the Badlands, Voyager is enveloped by a powerful energy wave that kills several of its crew, damages the ship, and strands it in the galaxy’s Delta Quadrant, more than 70,000 light-years from Earth. The wave was not a natural phenomenon.

Why do the Borg have a queen?

From this, the Borg were created, as extensions of V’ger’s purpose. Drones were made from those assimilated and merged into a collective consciousness. The Borg Queen was created out of the necessity for a single unifying voice. However, with thoughts and desires of her own, she was no longer bound to serve V’ger.

Is Janeway’s hair a wig?

Janeway Wore a Wig. While trying to figure out what kind of hair Janeway should have they used a variety of wigs and hair extensions. “Towards the end that was half a wig and half mine, did you know that?” Mulgrew told fans at UK convention, “My own hair is much longer, much nicer, much prettier of course.

How did Voyager get home in 7 years?

Newly upgraded, Voyager is able to devastate the Borg Collective — at the expense of the older Janeway’s life — and use a transwarp corridor to return to the Alpha Quadrant in 7 years instead of 23, saving the lives of several crew members and getting Tuvok the medical treatment he needs in time to properly treat his …

Why does B elanna wear a coat in Season 4?

During season four, Dawson became pregnant with her first child. The writers decided they did not want B’Elanna to be pregnant as well, so for the duration of Dawson’s pregnancy, she was given an engineering lab coat, which was used to help cover her growing pregnancy.

What species was Neelix?

Neelix is a jovial male Talaxian, a major species of this far side of the Delta Quadrant, whose wit and instincts have enabled him to survive as a scavenger and merchant. Now he aids our cause admirably after coming aboard with his Ocampa mate, Kes, from her home system.

Did 7 of 9 wear a bodysuit?

Although Seven is introduced as a Borg drone, once she is “reclaimed” by the Voyager crew and returned to her human form, Ryan donned Seven’s infamous skintight silver catsuit. Ryan wore the silver suit for a few episodes, but it was retired because of the many issues it caused for the actress.

Does Seven of Nine appear on Picard?

Seven of Nine is a Starfleet Commander, not a Captain, in Star Trek: Picard season 3, but this is actually the best rank for the reclaimed Borg. Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) finally joins Starfleet in Star Trek: Picard season 3, but it makes sense that the reclaimed Borg isn’t a Captain.

Why is seven of nines so tight?

Really tight. The official explanation was that the catsuit was made of a revolutionary fabric that helped her skin regenerate. Translation: they wanted the costume to look as tight as possible. The producers wanted her uniform to look like a second skin, and they got it.

Is the Borg Queen 7 of 9 mother?

Erin Hansen was a Human exobiologist and the mother of Annika Hansen, the Human female who became Seven of Nine. She and her husband Magnus were the first Humans to closely study the Borg.

Does 7 of 9 marry Chakotay?

By the time of the series finale, “Endgame”, The Doctor had managed to remove the implant, allowing Seven to pursue a relationship with Chakotay. The alternative future seen at the start of the episode showed that Seven and Chakotay were eventually married, but she died while Voyager was still travelling home.

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