Was aria meant to be a?

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Was aria meant to be a? Spoiler alert: “A” was revealed to be a few people: Mona Vanderwaal, CeCe Drake, and “A.D.,” AKA Alex Drake, Spencer’s (British) twin sister. According to Lucy, the main cast all wanted to be “A,” but it was not to be. “I wanted Aria to be ‘A’. I think we all wanted to be the bad guy,” she said.

Why is Toby A? Toby Cavanaugh (Keegan Allen). Toby isn’t a top “A” like Mona. Instead he was a member of the “A Team,” as revealed in season 3, and helped Mona with her devious plans. Toby claims he only joined “A” as a way to keep Spencer safe.

Who sent the picture of Kate in Pretty Little Liars? 5. Kate Caught Red-Handed: Kate and Hanna are forced to attend the “Truth Up” event after a naked picture of Kate is sent from Hanna’s phone to her contacts list. If it is “A,” a clear sign that she/him (them?) is using the girls’ phones against them.

Did Ian know Alison was alive? Ian Thomas knew that Alison was still alive… So at the end of season 1, when he’s struggling with Spencer at the bell tower, someone wearing a hoodie comes in and he says, “What are you doing here?” At the end of season 4, Alison says that she pushed Ian.

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Did Ezra know Ali?

After Aria finds out the truth about Ezra, Ezra explains that he knew who she was when they first met. They main reason he started a relationship with her was to gain information about Alison because he was writing a book about her, a “true crime novel”. A flashback shows the time Ezra and Alison first met.

Did Jason know Ali was alive?

At the police station, Jason confesses to the police that his statement was false and he does not know where Alison was when Mona’s “murder” happened.

Who is the Big A?

Big A is the leader of The A-Team. She makes her first physical appearance in “UnmAsked”. She stole the game from Mona Vanderwaal in Season 3. She directs the A-Team’s members in what to do, while concealing her identity from them too.

Who was originally supposed to be A in Pretty Little Liars?

Mona Vanderwaal was the 1st “A” to be revealed, also known as Original A, the one that created “the game”. Mona was revealed in 2×25 “UnmAsked”. Toby Cavanaugh was the 2nd “A” to be revealed.

Who kills Maya?

Sadly, she died in the Season 2 finale titled “UnmAsked.” Her stalker ex-boyfriend was the vicious criminal who prematurely took her life.

What characters changed in Pretty Little Liars?

Pretty Little Liars. Among those recast were Mrs. DiLaurentis, Kate Randall, Toby Cavanaugh and Ian Thomas. The most egregious switch-up was when the show replaced the actor playing Jason DiLaurentis after he had been on for most of season one.

What a shame all that testosterone and not a sheep in sight?

Memorable Quotes. Alison: What a shame. All that testosterone, and not a sheep in sight. Noel: Careful, Alison. I get your jokes, but someday you might meet a guy who doesn’t.

What happens in season 2 episode 13 pretty little liars?

It’s about two blonde twins, who are shown on screen. After getting into a fight over a doll, one of them gets mad and stabs the other in the heart with a knife on Halloween. Camera cuts to Alison telling the story to a frightened kid that Hanna is babysitting. Hanna thinks Alison should stop, but the child is riveted.

Who was in the baby mask pll the First Secret?

The Baby Mask is later seen when Spencer is by herself and drags her away, and is revealed to be Garrett Reynolds.

What happens in the First Secret pll?

It’s the Halloween before Alison went missing and the friends hope to score an invite to Noel’s Halloween party; Jenna challenges Ali for Queen Bee dominance; Aria learns a shocking revelati… Read all.

How did Mona know everything PLL?

Mona had Ali’s old diaries. I guess they weren’t too explicit about that on the show, but they did show that Mona had Ali’s diary in her lair. Spencer was looking at it when Mona revealed herself to be A. Then last season she said she had digital copies of Ali’s diary pages and knew where the rest were hidden.

Who is the girl in the coffin in the PLL intro?

For six seasons of Pretty Little Liars, Alison DiLaurentis laid in the casket in the show’s opening credits, but now, someone else is taking her place in the grave. Ali brought her friends back to Rosewood to help with her sister, Charlotte’s, trial, but they’re going to end up sticking around for a lot longer.

What was the Pretty Little Liars secret?

Inside, the liars discover that Big “A” is named Charlotte DiLaurentis. CeCe/Charlotte reveals herself as “A” and tells her story; saying that she is transgender, was formerly known as Charles DiLaurentis, and became “A” because the Liars were happy that Alison was gone.

Who was spying on Alison in PLL?

Alison DiLaurentis is a L-I-A-R. For instance, one of the bogus lies Alison tells is that Toby Cavanaugh (Keegan Allen) has been spying on her, and she has her minions throw a stink bomb into his garage as revenge.

Does Spencer beat Mona in the quiz off?

Of course, the first vote ends in a tie, prompting a “quiz-off.” Spencer, a bit cocky that she’ll ultimately prevail, isn’t so successful, with Mona crowned captain.

Who choked Spencer on the train?

Jenna has a Queen of Hearts themed birthday party in “That Girl is Poison”. Wilden was the one who attacked Spencer on the train and killed Garrett because he found out Darren was a dirty cop.

Who was pretending to be Caleb on the Ghost Train?

Melissa and Wilden were the 2 queens as of right now (I am on season 4 episode 3) Mona was the one in the costume like Calebs. She tells Hanna that they were ” this close” to their first kiss.

Who was recording the girls in PLL?

Jason tells Spencer that he was the one who came up with idea of the club, but he didn’t do any of the filming himself. He believes Ian was paying girls to set up their friends for him to film. Jason also suggested that Ian was taping for someone else too, and that he probably had helpers.

Who put the rat in Paige’s locker PLL?

CONFIRMED: Mona put the rat in Paige’s locker and is rewarding it for making the funniest scene in pll history!

Did Ian steal Spencer’s laptop?

However, Spencer discovers that her laptop has been stolen. Immediately, the girls suspect Ian of the theft. Meanwhile, Hanna still copes with money problems. Desperate for money, she searches incessantly for jobs but comes up with nil.

Who was in the cop mask in PLL?

Although that makes some things more confusing, it does actually clear up others. Elliot is definitely dead and A.D. was definitely the cop in the mask, as evidenced by the final shot of a mysterious hooded figure putting the mask on their desk.

Who was sending Ali texts?

This message was sent to Hanna during season 3, when the girls were a little fuzzy on who was sending the “A” texts. Mona was in Radley, but clearly working with this new “A,” later revealed to be CeCe.

Who murdered Sara Harvey PLL?

Sara is murdered in “Wanted: Dead or Alive” by an unknown assailant and found dead in her hotel room’s bathtub by a cleaner. Sara’s killer was revealed to be Noel Kahn during “These Boots Were Made for Stalking”.

How did Spencer realize Mona was A?

Meanwhile, Mona and Spencer drive to the Lost Woods Resort in order to discover what’s in Room 2. Arriving there, Spencer discovers “A’s” lair, where costumes, hoodies, pictures, and other parachute reside. Spencer finds Ali’s diary and solves the puzzle: Mona is “A”.

What mental illness does Mona have?

In the Season 2 finale, Alison’s friends learn that Mona has used her talents to manipulate and torment them anonymously. It is also discovered that she has multiple personality disorder, according to her doctor.

Who texted Mona as A in season 2?

You’re not the only one who can slice and dice.” This message was sent to Hanna during season 3, when the girls were a little fuzzy on who was sending the “A” texts. Mona was in Radley, but clearly working with this new “A,” later revealed to be CeCe.

Why did aria do the shhh?

“[My] shushing the camera was actually a spur-of-the-moment idea that happened to make the final cut,” she said in the same Cosmopolitan article. She later tweeted that she hated how her finger was off-center on her mouth.

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