How do I get rid of FightCamp Trackers?

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How do I get rid of FightCamp Trackers? If you put the trackers to sleep, all you’ll need to do to wake them again is double-tap them once you open the FightCamp app. Select Turn Off Trackers to power off your trackers completely.

Is FightCamp worth the money? In my opinion, FightCamp is a great way to get a home workout in for those with small home gyms, or anyone living in apartments. This is especially true for those who just opt for the punch trackers and wraps, as you don’t need any other equipment and it’ll just be like shadow boxing.

How do I install FightCamp trackers? Your FightCamp quick wraps are designed with pockets to hold your Punch Trackers. Place the red tracker in the red wrap and the blue tracker in the blue wrap. Ensure that the rounded edge of each tracker is facing your knuckle, and that the indicator light is facing upwards.

How do you turn off punch trackers in FightCamp? Step by step process: Click on a workout. Tap on the tracker icon. Choose to put your trackers to sleep or turn them off.

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Do you need trackers to do FightCamp?

Punch trackers are central to the interactive experience of FightCamp, so they are required to do most workouts. Trackers provide live punch stats during your workouts and give you access to a detailed performance record between workouts.

How do you activate punch trackers in FightCamp?

Select “More” on the bottom bar of the home screen and then “Punch Trackers” or. Go into any workout, and select “ Next” which will take you to the “Workout Control Center”. Select “Punch Trackers”.

How many subscribers does FightCamp have?

Today, FightCamp boasts more than 30,000 paying home subscribers, with multiple users / home.

Can you cancel FightCamp membership?

If you have committed to a prepaid membership and it is outside of the 30-day cancellation period, the membership will terminate at the end of the commitment period. To pause your account or for assistance managing your subscription, please reach out to our support team at

Is the FightCamp app free?

These free workouts require none of the FightCamp equipment, although we do recommend getting the whole connected fitness set if you find the workouts to be fun and effective. Please note, free FightCamp content is currently available on iOS devices only as the Android version of the app remains in Beta phase.

What is the best free boxing app?

Boxtastic – 4.3* Boxtastic is the only Android-exclusive on this list of the highest-rated free boxing apps. The free-to-download app gives you a virtual trainer to call out punch combinations as you go, giving you a more immersive experience, much like a professional boxing gym.

Does FightCamp have a monthly subscription?

Subscription fees:. All FightCamp packages require a monthly FightCamp membership. You will have access to unlimited workout content for $39/month (no commitment, pause or cancel anytime).

Is FightCamp worth it Reddit?

It’s become my favorite way to work out. Really helped me get my post-covid-lockdown-body fitter. And it’s really helped with stuff like anxiety, cause when the fight-or-flight feelings kick in you can just go to the other room and actually fight something instead of wallowing in existential dread.

How do I share my FightCamp with my family?

How can I share my subscription with friends/ family members?

  • Download the FightCamp app on their own mobile device.
  • Tap on “Sign In” and follow the prompts to create an account. …
  • When the new member goes to activate the trackers for the first they will be asked to enter the Activation Code of the membership holder.

How long does FightCamp take to ship?

97.66% of our orders are shipped within 5 business days. More than a half of our orders are shipped within 3 business days or less.

Is PunchLab free?

1. PunchLab (FREE for app & basic workouts, $49/yearly for belt tracking & premium workouts)

What heart rate monitors work with FightCamp?

Which heart rate monitors are compatible with this technology? Any Bluetooth-connected heart rate monitor is compatible with this release. This includes Whoop, MyZone, Oura Ring, Morpheus, and of course, the FightCamp heart rate monitor for boxing (part of the FightCamp Endurance Kit).

Do you have to pay for FightCamp membership?

In addition to the cost of the equipment, FightCamp requires a monthly membership payment of $39 to access the streaming workouts and tutorials.

Can you use FightCamp without the bag?

Since our punch-tracking technology is a central part of the FightCamp experience and essential for the workouts, it is not possible to get a subscription without purchasing trackers. Moreover, boxing workouts are not complete without a bag and gloves.

Does FightCamp build muscle?

This program focuses on hypertrophy (building muscle) so that you can hit harder, faster, and more explosive on the heavy bag. It’s important to condition our punch muscles if we want to compete on the FightCamp leaderboard.

Is punching the heavy bag good exercise?

Improves Strength and Power. The muscles in your upper body like your arms, chest, back, and shoulders, as well as your lower body’s legs and even your core are all engaged during a heavy bag training session, making it an extremely effective full-body workout.

How many calories do you burn doing FightCamp?

Yes, regular use of Fight Camp is good for losing weight. Boxing is a high impact cardio workout that offers a significant calorie burn: in just 1 hour of boxing, you can burn up to 1,000 calories.

Is FightCamp Good for beginners?

One of the Best Boxing Workouts for Beginners. Tommy Duquette, FightCamp Co-Founder, put together this workout for boxers looking to practice the basics and get back to fundamentals. Whether you’re new to boxing or are looking to get a little extra work in, this workout is for you.

How do you use FightCamp?

Sign in to the FightCamp App to choose which workout you want to do. Put your wraps on. Grab your punch trackers – Shanie recommends leaving your trackers right in the charger so you know where they are at all times (and they are always charged and ready to go)! Double tap your trackers to activate them.

How do you connect FightCamp?


  • Download the Google Home App on your device.
  • Make sure your mobile device and smart TV are on the same wireless network.
  • On your phone, open the Google Home App .
  • Tap and hold the TV that you would like to cast your phone’s screen too. .
  • Select “Cast My Screen”.

What is the FightCamp bag filled with?

Sand+Water – The base will hold approximately 450lbs of a combination of sand and water. We recommended using sand to fill the base for the best workout environment. Filling your base using sand: Using a funnel, funnel the dry sand into your base until it is full.

How many boxes does FightCamp have?

You will receive 3 packages in total: 1 with your FightCamp accessories and 2 containing your base and bag. Please note the gear and accessories ship separate from the bag and base and may arrive at different times. The base and bag are delivered via FedEx.

Can you use FightCamp on carpet?

Flooring. It can make or break your training! Here are the types of flooring you DO NOT want to use: Carpet: it’s easy to get stuck or tripped up, your feet will drag on the surface. Hardwood: During intense training when you are dripping sweat, you can easily slip and get injured.

How long do FightCamp trackers take to charge?

3) Leave the trackers on the charger for an hour. If they are completely dead you may need to recharge them.

How does FightCamp connect to TV?

HDMI to USB-C Adapter. The best way to play the FightCamp app on your TV is by using an adapter to connect your device directly into your televisions HDMI Input. For Android devices we recommended most HDMI to USB-C Adapters. FightCamp is not compatible with Samsung Dex Mode.

Can I sell my FightCamp?

Want to give your gently used FightCamp trackers a good home? Although FightCamp is not affiliated with any resale partners we recommend selling or giving away your gently used FightCamp punch trackers if they are in good working condition.

How much does FightCamp app cost?

Select Your Base Package. Access the FightCamp Membership for $39/mo (charged separately). You get unlimited on-demand workouts led by expert trainers. The best free-standing bag on the market. Designed to fit seamlessly in your home & stand up to the toughest fighters.

Can two people do FightCamp at the same time?

The subscription can be shared with as many as 5 family members. However, FightCamp is designed to be used by one person at a time. It was made for family members to workout separately, sharing the subscription and trackers on their own schedule!

Does FightCamp help you lose weight?

The FightCamp workouts can help you lose weight, particularly the metabolic and HIIT-style workouts. “Boxing and kickboxing are inherently great forms of exercise to burn fat,” says Swenson.

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