How can I get free WHOOP?

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How can I get free WHOOP? Whoever you pass your 3.0 on to will enjoy two free months of membership without having to commit to anything. We’ll also send them out a fresh 3.0 band on us once they activate through the WHOOP app. The upcycle program allows others an opportunity to experience WHOOP at no cost.

Does WHOOP track blood pressure? Yes, the WHOOP measures and tracks your blood pressure. A healthy blood pressure is at or below 120/80 mmHg.

Does WHOOP actually work? Whoop’s core of strain, sleep and recovery is still stellar. The 4.0 tracked all our workouts, sleep and recovery extremely well, even during the hardest sessions on the Peloton. The Whoop 4.0 can also track skin temperature and blood oxygen levels, two measurements absent from the 3.0.

Is WHOOP better than Garmin? In the end, both Garmin and Whoop offer a good experience and provide info that will teach you to be more in tune with your body and make healthy lifestyle changes. But Garmin is superior as far as activity tracking and breadth of features, while Whoop is still a bit more useful for sleep and recovery insights.

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Do you shower with WHOOP?

NOTE: When not washing, keep your WHOOP dry. Members are encouraged to also change out the slider periodically. If you wear your WHOOP in the shower: Take off your WHOOP and wash the band and sensor with soap/water. Also wash the area of your skin that touches the underside of the sensor.

Is WHOOP better than Fitbit?

As workout trackers, the Charge 5 edges it. But while Whoop lacks basic fitness tracking features, it does match Fitbit for reliable, rich sleep tracking and analysis and heart rate tracking during exercise are excellent.

Can you use WHOOP without membership?

The Whoop is unique compared to other fitness trackers in that you have to become a member to use the Strap 3.0 and the app. You can’t make a one-time purchase to use it.

Is WHOOP 4.0 worth the money?

Our Verdict. The Whoop 4.0 is a considerable improvement on the 3.0. The heart rate tracking, during both workouts and when at rest, has become more accurate. Coupled with this, its strain tracking can be a useful way to ensure you’re training at the right level to improve, whatever your chosen sport is.

How much does WHOOP cost?

The annual plan allows you to pre-pay 12 months of subscription at a rate of $25/month. And the 24-month subscription allows you to pre-pay two years of WHOOP at our best rate of $20/month. After your initial subscription is over, your membership will renew to the annual subscription at $25/month.

What is comparable to WHOOP?

WHOOP’s competitors and similar companies include Catapult, Athos, Tribe Wearables and Codoc Software. Whoop is a technology and data analytics company for performance optimization. Catapult develops wearable technology products designed to advance athlete performances.

Does the WHOOP band tell time?

No, the Whoop band doesn’t tell time, nor does it track your steps, as it isn’t considered a smartwatch. The Whoop band is an optical HR strap, which provides 24/7 monitoring and focuses on recovery (sleep) and load (physical activity).

How long does a WHOOP battery last?

As for battery life, Whoop says the 4.0 lasts up to five days per charge, but I regularly got closer to three days in testing. That’s mediocre; a similarly sized, more traditional tracker like the Fitbit Inspire 2, which has a black-and-white OLED display, is rated for 10 days of use.

Is WHOOP just for athletes?

In fact, that’s already happening as more wearable makers focus on recovery and switch to subscription models. But for now, the only people who should give a whoop about Whoop are athletes.

What does WHOOP do that Garmin does not?

Since both Whoop and Garmin are water-resistant, they can be used to track swimming and water activities. Unlike the Garmin watch, the Whoop can be submerged for up to 100 meters. Water-resistance is also an option for Garmin watch batteries, but not for Whoop batteries.

What exactly does WHOOP measure?

WHOOP calibrates to your individual baseline, identifying your typical heart rate, resting heart rate, heart-rate variability, skin temperature, and blood oxygen levels. View your Health Monitor page to see improvements and irregularities over time.

Does WHOOP show heart rate?

The WHOOP Health Monitor displays your key health metrics in one place, including heart rate, HRV, and respiratory rate, as well as blood oxygen level and skin temperature with WHOOP 4.0.

Does WHOOP track heart rate?

It’s a personalised measure of your body’s capacity to take on activity, based on four metrics: heart rate variability, resting heart rate, respiratory rate and sleep. WHOOP analyses your recovery status on a scale from 0 to 100% and categorises these values with a traffic-light system into three bands.

How accurate is WHOOP sleep?

25 WHOOP has been validated against polysomnography (27,29, 30) and has demonstrated acceptable twostage (wake or sleep) categorization to automatically detect sleep, with 86% agreement with polysomnography (29,30).

Does WHOOP vibrate?

WHOOP Haptic Alarm allows you to set personalized alarms based on your daily performance goals. Your device will vibrate for 30 seconds either at the time you set or within an hour window depending on the alarm. There are three types of alarms: Exact Time, Sleep Goal, and In the Green.

Does WHOOP track oxygen levels?

WHOOP measures your blood oxygen level each night while you are asleep in order to get as reliable and consistent readings as possible. Every morning, you can check your SpO2 on the Health Monitor.

Can you wear WHOOP anywhere?

Plus, users can now wear WHOOP off-wrist with WHOOP Body, apparel that holds the fitness tracker against other areas of the body, not just the wrist. For decades, fitness wearables have been tied to your wrist.

Is WHOOP worth the money?

If you’re considering a smartwatch with tracking capabilities, then WHOOP is likely in line with what you were already expecting to spend. The new membership option definitely makes it more accessible, but $30/month certainly adds up over time.

What does WHOOP do that Apple watch doesn t?

Each day, Whoop provides an “Optimal Strain” number based on how recovered your body is. While Apple Watch wants you to fill out your Activity Rings, Whoop encourages you to take things slower. People who typically buy Whoop are already active, so Whoop assumes you don’t need the motivation.

What is better WHOOP or Oura?

Overall, Whoop’s a solid fitness tracker because it uses your heart rate to determine calories burned and your strain score, while Oura doesn’t factor in heart rate yet. But Apple Watch benefits from having a screen and tends to be more accurate.

What happens when you stop paying for WHOOP?

If any Membership Fees that are due are outstanding for a period of three (3) days or more, your Account will go into an inactive state. In this inactive state, you will be unable to upload data from your WHOOP Strap.

Does WHOOP need to be near phone?

Once HR Broadcast is enabled, your WHOOP will emit your heart rate over BLE and will be able to connect to a receiving device. Once you connect the receiving device to your WHOOP, you no longer need to keep your phone nearby, as the WHOOP itself is broadcasting the heart rate signal.

Can I wear my WHOOP 4.0 in the shower?

With the WHOOP 4.0, the battery pack is also water-resistant at depths up to one meter for two hours – so no need to worry if you forget to take it off in the shower, while doing dishes, or during intense workouts.

Do you wear WHOOP all day?

In short: YES, you can wear your WHOOP for Sleep and Recovery only. However, since WHOOP is designed for 24/7 use, it’s recommended to keep your WHOOP on regularly (if possible).

Does a WHOOP count steps?

Unlike most fitness trackers, WHOOP does not count steps. Instead, we quantify strain (cardiovascular load) your body takes on.

Is WHOOP a watch?

Whoop is unlike any other fitness tracker because it is a fitness tracker, not a watch or pedometer. It goes much deeper than anything on the market. As mentioned above, Whoop steps into above all other fitness trackers and delivers the big picture snapshot of optimal health and performance.

Does WHOOP strap have GPS?

Tracking your Route. While the WHOOP Strap itself is not equipped with GPS, you can track your route for different activities using Strain Coach and your mobile device. To track your route, open Strain Coach in the WHOOP app, select an activity of choice, make sure “Track Route” is toggled on, and start your activity.

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