Do I need my own lock at Planet Fitness?

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Do I need my own lock at Planet Fitness? You must bring your own lock for the locker. The Planet Fitness locker policy is reasonable but allows any locks left after close can be cut and removed. However, there are some local Planet Fitness lockers with built-in combination locks.

Can my guest use my Planet Fitness black card? The PF Black Card® is our most popular membership, loaded with perks including access to any of our 2,300+ locations worldwide, bringing a guest every time you work out, and so much more. Check out all the perks below!

Can my guest go to Planet Fitness without me? Non-members of all ages, other than PF Black Card® guests, are not allowed to wait for members in the club. The day fee is the fee a non-member/non PF Black Card® guest pays for use of the gym for one day.

Can you shower at Planet Fitness? Yes, Planet Fitness has showers. While they’re not overly luxurious, every Planet Fitness does indeed have multiple clean showers with privacy curtains you can use after you exercise. However, they do not have shower towels, and the small towels they provide to wipe down machines and your face won’t do the job.

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Is Planet Fitness a good gym for beginners?

Unless you’re a beginner, a Planet Fitness membership isn’t worth it. It’s not a good gym for powerlifters, CrossFitters, or anyone with more than 3-6 months of training experience. It lacks basic pieces of strength equipment and has strict rules about lifting weights. Most people are better off going to another gym.

Can you tour Planet Fitness before joining?

Ask for a Tour. Signing up for Planet Fitness’ free PE@PF program is a great way to familiarize yourself with machinery (especially the ones that look complicated!). A trainer will provide you with a complete demonstration to get you feeling comfortable in no time!

Can you bring a bag to Planet Fitness?

Appropriate exercise clothing and closed training shoes must be worn. No food or bags are allowed on the gym floor. You may only use plastic drinking bottles.

Can you sign into Planet Fitness with the app?

Download the App. Download the free Planet Fitness app to access your check-in code as well as hundreds of free workouts and exercises to use in and out of the club.

Can I make a Planet Fitness account online?

Or, You Can Sign Up Online. If you have already made the decision, or if you have been a previous member of Planet Fitness in the past and are ready to do it again, you can sign up for a membership online.

What do I do in the gym first time?

Take the first 10 minutes to get your body moving. Cardio machines are a great place to start. Try taking a walk, or light jog, on the treadmill, or give the bike a spin. Whatever you choose, you should be working hard enough to get your heart rate up and break out in a slight sweat before moving on.

How do I sign in to Planet Fitness?

First Visit Checklist

  • Say hello at the front desk and check in using your keytag.
  • If you haven’t already, our team members will take your picture for your member profile.
  • Sign up for one of the free fitness training sessions at the front desk.
  • Using any piece of equipment as long as you like!

Why does Planet Fitness require a checking account?

We require an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) through checking accounts for your convenience: This allows us to be able to continue your membership without interruption or the hassle of updating your payment information if your credit cards are lost/stolen, invalid or expired.

Can you get in shape at Planet Fitness?

Yes, you can get a good workout in at planet fitness (if you know what you’re doing). While a good workout doesn’t require them, the ability to add weight to exercises is an effective way to measure and make progress.

What are PF perks?

Get 50% up to two retail products, to include PF headphones, workout bags, towels or clothing (in-club only). Free months dues on next month billing. Valid on White Card membership only. Must bring voucher in to the front desk to apply free month. Must bring voucher in to the front desk to apply free month.

What is Planet Fitness HydroMassage?

What is HydroMassage? HydroMassage gives members the benefits of massage, without the inconveniences of getting undressed. HydroMassage beds and lounges use heated water to provide a relaxing, rejuvenating experience.

What can’t you wear at Planet Fitness?

Open-toed shoes or sandals. Mud-caked, greasy, or soiled shoes or clothing. Jeans or pants with prominent grommets. Clothing with messaging that a reasonable person may find offensive or otherwise inappropriate.

Can I wear just a sports bra at Planet Fitness?

Members may exercise in a wide variety of attire. Crop tops, sports bras, bralettes, short shorts, long pants, collared shirts are all welcome!

What should I do on my first day at the gym?

You should begin your first workout with a warm-up consisting of 10 minutes of walking or jogging or other aerobic exercise.

Do one set of 8–10 repetitions of each of the following exercises:

  • Leg press or barbell squat.
  • Pulldown.
  • Dumbbell arm curl.
  • Triceps pushdown.
  • Fitball crunch.
  • Incline or full bench press.
  • Deadlift.

Can you wear nails at Planet Fitness?

Yes you can wear nails..but you do alot of cleaning so wear gloves to help preserve nails.

How old does a Planet Fitness guest have to be?

Members aged 13 and 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when they work out. Members who are 15 to 17 years old must have a signed waiver from a parent or guardian on file. Please note that any PF Black Card® guests must be 18 years old with a valid ID, unless they’re accompanied by a parent or guardian.

What should I take with me to Planet Fitness?

Fill Your Gym Bag With These 6 Essential Items

  • Toiletries. …
  • Headphones. …
  • Athletic Shoes. …
  • Hydration & Sustenance. …
  • Extra Clothes. …
  • Towel.

Can I give my Planet Fitness membership to someone else?

You can transfer your membership to another person, however you will need a transfer note from member A wishing to transfer to Member B. All transfers incur a $35 transfer fee.

Can I work at Planet Fitness with dyed hair?

There are no rules on hair color; any color is completely suitable due to the Planet Fitness mission statement which states that they’re a complete judgment free zone. Piercing and tattoos are completely acceptable as well.

Does Planet Fitness provide towels?

Come dressed to work out or bring a lock to use on our lockers at each visit and change in our locker rooms! If you are going to take advantage of our shower facilities, be sure to bring your own towel, shampoo, and soap! A gym bag is helpful to carry everything you need as well!

What do black card members get at Planet Fitness?

The PF Black Card® membership is available for only $19.99 a month and also includes access to all 700 clubs in the Planet Fitness chain, as well as use of massage chairs*, Hydro-massage beds* and Total Body enhancement beds*, tanning*, 50 percent off all cooler drinks, and the opportunity to bring a guest every day at …

Are gym showers clean?

Gym showers are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. What’s more, perspiration and minor wounds can release infection or disease into this damp environment. Yuck! “Bring your own personal shower gel or liquid soap instead of using someone else’s,” says Schweitzer.

Can Planet Fitness guests use HydroMassage?

Unfortunately, guests can not use the HydroMassage chairs or tanning beds. We have a lot of great sign up deals though, so talk to a member of staff at your home club and bring a friend so that they can get the scoop on what’s hot at PF! The #JudgementFreeZone and loads of perks await.

Can you bring a gallon of water to Planet Fitness?

Elsewhere, Planet Fitness has claimed the ban on big water bottles is for safety. “Gallon jugs are not allowed on the club floor,” the company wrote to a customer on Twitter in 2017. “Water bottles should fit in holders & must be kept out of the aisles/walkways.”

How much is Gatorade at Planet Fitness?

1 Answer. Hey there Dylan, we’re so glad you asked! Here are our cooler drinks prices for ya: Muscle Milk – $5 Gatorade – $3 Water – $2 Vitamin Water – $3 Keep in mind that with our Black Card membership, water, Gatorade, Vitamin Water are 1/2 off!

What drinks are 50 percent off at Planet Fitness?

Richard SpilotroPlanet Fitness. Hi Richard – Cooler drinks are gatorade, soda, water, etc. these are all 50% off. The exceptions are Muscle Milk and protein shakes which are full price.

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